10 Vista St. Depoe Bay, OR 97341 541.765.4373
Pirate Coffee Company Roasts Coffee Fresh Daily !
We sell our coffee at wholesale prices directly to Restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts, 
Gift Shops, Grocery Stores, and more! 
Give your Customers the BEST Coffee, Pick Pirate Coffee!
Pirate Coffee offers competetive pricing in coffee wholesale in three sizes: 
5 pound, 12 oz , and 2 oz.
5 pound: This size is delivered in a clear vinyl bag, labled with a de-gasing valve. This size great for restaurants, or a location that will serve coffee on a daily basis.
12 oz: Individually bagged coffee, whole bean or ground. This size is good for resale, and you can chose a variety different beans at this size. 
2 oz:  Good for one pot of coffee about 8-10 cups, Great for Bed and Breakfasts. This is also great for customers to sample the coffee easily. 

Why chose Pirate Coffee? 
We are a family owned business and truley care for each of our customers. Not only do you receive exceptional customer service direct with the Owner and Roaster, but the Quality of the coffee is outstanding. 

Create a Custom Roast at NO EXTRA COST! 
How exciting! Make an apptointment with us and come on down to Pirate Coffee to create a custom coffee that can only be sold by YOU!  

Create a Custom Lable at NO EXTRA COST!
We can create coffee labels with YOUR logo on it, for no additional charge! 

We roast on demand, and always ship/deliver you fresh roasted coffees. 
No extra fee for grinding the Beans!
Some minimum orders may apply, let's talk.
If your local with in 20 miles of each shop, we do not charge shipping fees!
No extra fee to come in and select an exclusive custom roast for your business!

For our pricing list, please email us directly at: [email protected]